Saturday, July 11, 2009

Job search, How I loathe thee.

Well, I had a job interview today! yes a Saturday! no more !'s

I will hopefully know in a week if I will be the guy that gives a general time to show up at your residence, to fix your cable or install it. I hope it pans out because I need income seriously desperately. Every thing is a bit rocky with my significant other at the moment, I feel it all stems from me being with out job. Did I mention she now has 2 jobs, one at Stienmart and at Freebird Live?

School is starting to go in to full swing, I can't wait to get this semester behind me its just a bunch of bullshit each week that has no relevance to what I plan to do as a career.

Speaking of career, I hate when you apply for a job, on a website for instance and the link says "careers" I know damn well that most will not be my career! Does putting "job" on there not sound professional enough?

This is a direct response the Mars is the new magic blog, If you lose your wallet (or its stolen) and it is full of money then you will maybe understand why some people don't carry paper money unless it is absolutely necessary. See if all you have is a debt or credit card, call cancel it, then they send you a new one. You don't lose all the money you had on you, you're just a little inconvenienced.

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  1. atleast with her two jobs you can afford to play wow again :)